Sponsoring the 2010 Svalbard expedition

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In 1868, the first German Polar expedition under Koldeway entered Arctic waters with their ship Greenland. The famous Norwegian explorer Fridtjof Nansen was repeatedly drawn into the Arctic. He became famous through his expedition with the ship Fram, trying to reach the North Pole. In 1897, the Swedish engineer Andree tried to reach the North Pole in an hot-air balloon.

These and many more expeditions into all parts of the world wouldn't have been possible without the financial help of sponsors. It's not much different today: expeditions into Arctic and Antarctic areas – far away from the major tourist attractions – are very expensive because of the need for highly specialized equipment and the immense costs of transportation and insurance.

So today, we still depend on the help of generous sponsors like you to support projects like the 2010 Svalbard expedition.

This is what we offer our sponsors in return:

Your Logo will appear:
on our websites (English and German language)
in AV-shows and presentations around Germany (further media coverage planned)
on posters announcing above events throughout Germany
on our equipment (like the kayaks and the sails)

We can also supply you with illustrated travel reports for your catalogues, websites and newsletters and offer you material-test reports of the equipment under extreme conditions.

What we need sponsoring for:
Financial support for travel expenses

Media coverage:
Slide show presentations (AV-shows) thoughout Germany
Travel reports in Newspapers and Magazins around Germany and the US
Live-coverage of the expedition on the internet via our homepages in English and German

Are you interested in supporting our expedition?
For more information please contact us:

Juergen (Germany):
phone: +49 (208) 3048126 or mobile +49 (179) 5284322
email: agiosjoannis(at)yahoo.com

Heike (USA):
phone: (001) 216-978 0285
email: qajaq2002(at)yahoo.de

Thank you so much for looking up our website!